Login to the site’s backend

Click here to add a new Service Page.

Add the title of the page (name of the service) where the red arrow is pointing.
Click on the “Jones Drones Builder” button to open the page’s editor. (where the yellow arrow is pointing)


Click on the “+ Prebuilt Page” button


Go to “Templates” tab (red arrow) and click on “Load” (green arrow) –> “Replace all page content” (orange arrow) on the “Template-Service_Page” module.


Edit the description (red arrow), title (orange arrow) and category (green arrow) by clicking on the pencil icon on the respective module.
To add projects to the Service Page –> Then click on the pencil icon pointed by the blue arrow to edit the project’s image.


Go to the “Background” tab (red arrow) and to the “Image” tab (orange arrow) then click “Edit” (green arrow), which will take you to the image selection screen.


Go to the “Upload Files” tab (orange arrow) then click on “Select Files” button (green arrow) and select the image you want to upload for the project.


Confirm your image is selected with the checkmark in the blue square (red arrow) and then click on “Insert into page” button (orange arrow)


The click on “Save” (orange arrow)

Repeat these last steps for as many projects as you wish to add to the Service Page.


On the right sidebar menu — Select the Service Page’s Parent Page (Creative Services or Industrial Services)

Then click on the “Publish” or “Update” button (orange arrow) to publish/update your new service page.