Without a doubt, we have seen a rapid growth in industrial drone applications. And there are excellent reasons why.

These versatile aerial platforms have the potential to significantly increase efficiency during inspections, the creation of 3D models and remote sensing.

At the same time, they have proven to reduce risks and guarantee the safety of personnel.

Jones Drones Cle is ready to help you exploit the benefits of drones in your industry.

Remote Visual Inspections

Aerial visual inspections with drones offer a more efficient, cost-effective and safe inspection process. It is a comprehensive review where visual data is collected and reviewed by the inspector, both on the spot as well as in detail after the inspection is carried out. 

Construction Progression

Site documentation allows you to capture progress photos over the course of a project and share them with clients and stakeholders, monitor site changes over time, or even dispute claims down the road. Thanks to our aerial services, you can effectively demonstrate and showcase the progress of your project. Depending on its individual needs and timelines, construction progress imagery can be captured on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Drone Exhibitions

Want to incorporate drones as part of your event? At Jones Drones Cle we can help you showcase the marvels of flying robots and their many uses through entertaining and interactive demonstrations. Contact us for an inquiry!

3D Mapping Services

Drone technology provides a rapid and low-cost solution for mapping by combining photographs that can be interpolated into three-dimensional imagery. How do we accomplish this? By processing our aerial images with software that utilizes photogrammetric techniques to form orthomosaics and digital surface models.