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Russell Jones

Having found his interest in electronics as a young man, Russell was always taking things apart to figure out how they worked. This led him to pursue electronics engineering courses in high school, followed by a career in Sound and Lighting Engineering. When Russell received a Balsa RC plane as a birthday gift he knew he wanted to fly RC.  With the Advent of fpv drones.

His journey as a drone pilot began in 2018, mainly focused on FPV Freestyle, which is a drone flying technique where it’s all about capturing tricks in the form of epic footage from an HD camera mounted on a racing quadcopter. Looking to improve his freestyle skills, Russell took up drone racing 2019, year where he won his 1st Lizzy Race, a Lol. In 2020 Invited to 2020 drone champs in FL.
Owns over 20 drones that do everything from racing to cinematic videography
From entrepreneur in the food industry to owner-operator at Jones Drones Cleveland, his professional life has been anything but boring.

Angela Jacques

Angela Jacques, one of our newest instructors, has always flown drones—sometimes as a professional drone racing pilot, but also as an aerial mapper, drone educator and global community organizer. Her love for—and belief in—drone applications across multiple industries has led her to co-found FPV Racing México (FPVRMX), an organization that promotes drone sports, as well as Think Air, a company that specializes in GIS and UAVs for Earth Sciences. She is also a founding member and board member of Drone Sports International. As if that wasn’t enough, she spends a lot of her time as a Geographic Information Systems Specialist with a focus on photogrammetry, remote sensing and digital cartography.

During her drone racing career, Angela has raced in competitions in many countries, including US Drone Nationals 2015, DRL Miami Lights 2015 for ESPN, Drone Worlds –  Hawaii 2016, Drone Sports Competition – Korea 2016, Campus Party São Paulo 2017, Dover Internationals 2017 in Delaware, as well as several giant-sized, X-Class drone racing competitions and exhibitions.

A firm believer in the power of drones for good, one of Angela’s recent international projects was in Colombia, working with personnel from the United Nations World Food Program and Disaster Immediate Response Team (DIRT), an international non-governmental organization focused on disaster response efforts.

Angela is currently working as an instructor at Spire Institute & Academy in Geneva, Ohio for groups and individuals ages 12 and up, focused on specific drone applications and professional skills.

Andrew Stankiewicz

Andrew Stankiewicz, better known in the drone racing scene as Drewracer, has a background in several forms of racing, including 125c shifter kart racing and winning his class at the WKA Grand Nationals at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in 2011. In 2013, after 29 years in the RC world (cars, planes and helis), Andrew stumbled upon his first aerial photography quadcopter: a Blade 350 QX. Almost immediately, he got into drone racing using first person view (FPV), finding in this amazing sport a similar adrenaline rush as he did in kart racing, but with less investment and risk of injury. 

His first FPV flight was at one of the largest radio control events in the world, Flite Fest 2014 in Malvern, OH, and ever since, he has been taking the podium in many of the competitions where he participates. His experience as an avid open wheel and kart racing enthusiast helped him with race preparedness, strategy and FPV spotting duties during his drone racing career, which includes a total of 216 competitions.

A few of his drone racing highlights are the BuckeyeFPV Over 40 Class Championship in both 2018 and 2019, placing in 178th place out of more than 1000 pilots worldwide at the 2018 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship, and climbing his way up to 42nd in ProClass at the 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship in Daytona, Florida.

Andrew is well known for his passion for building, tuning, racing and helping/teaching others in FPV, positioning himself not only as a pioneer in drone sports in the US, but as a key member of the international FPV community. He is currently one of the drone instructors at Spire Institute & Academy in Geneva, Ohio for groups and individuals ages 12 and up, focused on specific drone applications and professional skills.


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